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Best Experience At CCA

Coming to Canyonville Christian Academy is always different but good.

Here at CCA, there are many people from different countries and different cultures.  Everyone who has come to school here, leaves CCA saying that they’ve had a good experience living with other students from different parts of the world.  It is not always easy to live with different cultures and different backgrounds but because students learn to live with each other and create unforgettable memories that broadens their view and their understanding it helps create a more balanced individual.

Being here at CCA teaches students to work together as a christian family and be there for each other.   So far as a graduating student from CCA, I have had the best experience living with people from all over the world and everyone treating each other equally no matter the race or the background.  I am very thankful to have experienced this kind of atmosphere.

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Current Year 2012-2013 Calendar

CCA current calendar76017_154910644553340_148866418491096_305693_4843321_n


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2012-2013 Calendar

This is our school calendar for this year


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College Career Counseling


Noel Schaak

Noel Schaak

Noel Schaak has served as the career counselor at Canyonville Christian Academy for the past 4 years.  His duties consist of meeting with each senior to discuss his or her future plans, college choices, and career options.  Based on this information, each student is encouraged to develop a plan for either college or a career path after high school.  Noel’s travels to several foreign countries has given him some insight into what the international students and families expect and aspire to concerning college and career aspirations.  The relatively small number of students allows for considerable personal interaction.  The goal of the college and career counseling each student receives is to help them discover their God-given talents and purposes and to evelop a plan of success for the future professionally, academically, and personally!

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iPad 2 Or Too?

What is the iPad 2 ? According to IGN GEAR:

The iPad 2, which it has been tentatively dubbed, is the next iteration of Apple’s popular tablet device.  The iPad 2 has also been rumored to be called “iPad HD,” though without direct confirmation from Apple, we can’t be sure. If longstanding Apple development strategies are any indication, the iPad 2 will likely incorporate a number of evolutionary upgrades to the original iPad aesthetic and featureset, not a comprehensive new design.

What is new about the iPad 2? According to IGN GEAR again:  without confirmation from Apple, we can’t say for sure, but alleged leaks from a variety of sources have given us a sense of what the new features of the device will entail. First, a China-based accessory manufacturer posted the alleged specs and even a complete mockup of the iPad 2 at CES, which they say were based on information provided by Apple. The specifications shown suggest that the new design will feature rounded edges more akin to the iPod touch, thinner casing measuring at just 0.37-inches thick, and front- and rear-facing cameras. The mockup design also included a revised speaker on the lower left corner, as well as an unknown port on the right.

Conclusion?  The iPad 2 or iPad Too as some would say, will be revealed soon enough.  But to some, it’s just not soon enough as they would like to have it in their hands, trying all it’s possible bells and whistle’s so to speak.

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Private Boarding School Offers SEO Class

Canyonville Christian Academy is one of the few Private High Schools that offers Internet marketing as a pre-professional class. Internet Marketing/SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Students are introduced to the ever-changing field of Internet Marketing. This pre-professional class covers:  Beginning Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Optimization-what is Social Media and how can it help businesses; Realtime Marketing – using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube; WordPress Web Design – Beginner and Advanced; Content Management; Marketing Vehicles for online web-presence; and Time Management skills.  Students completing this class will be prepared to market small businesses.

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CCA Boarding School’s Thanksgiving Dinner

The Canyonville Christian Academy’s Thanksgiving Dinner is awesome! The dinner was served by teachers and deans! This meal is the best one since I first entered Canyonville Christian Academy until now!

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The High School You Should Choose!

Canyonville Christian Academy is a private boarding schoolCanyonville Christian Academy has won the Oregon Stock Market Game (SMG) 14 consecutive times over a 7-year period. In Oregon, this semiannual contest is open to all public and private schools, and it is common for a single event to attract 400 or more entries.

Canyonville Christian Academy has included the investment and stock market instruction and game participation in its senior-level economics course.  The unit begins with a thorough introduction to the full range of investments, risk, compounding, allocation, and diversification.  The course advances to a comprehensive study of the stock market, focusing on such topics as the history of the stock market, capitalism and capital formation, indexes, brokers, fees, and mutual funds.  Students then study the stock selection process, using fundamental analysis and major financial publications.  The pregame study of stocks concludes with an introduction to technical analysis and market timing.  Woven throughout the entire unit is discussion on what the Bible teaches about stewardship, money, wealth, investing, and gambling.

If you want to sharpen your skills in Economics and learn how to manage and make a lot of money in the future, you should come to Canyonville Christian Academy, study and have lots of fun with us!

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